Music India 2016 Ensembles Update

Posted on August 3, 2016 by Stephanie Martin

During the closing ceremony of Music India 2016, a representative from each ensemble addressed their fellow students to give an update on how each ensemble had progressed during their training. Here is a brief summary of what was reported:


For Tarang, the first part of the week was spent prepapring for their sound launch concert on the Wednesday evening. They had to practice their four pieces and make sure they were really nailed down before performing to the public. Throughout the week, a big part of the work the ensemble was focuising on was finishing their album which was very exciting for them. They have 6 new tracks and they’re all very different! They’ve mixed Indian with RnB as well as a variety of other styles. However, the biggest thing to come from their week at Music India was how much the ensemble have bonded together. Some members have been in Tarang for years but it is this year that there has been a brand new Tarang and for the first time that each and every member has felt like a team. Even when performing, they are all one unit, which was certainly showcased at their stunning Indika showcase performance. Tarang want to extend a massive thanks to all the tutors for the Bootcamp sessions which they felt really helped them improve as musicians. Tarang are looking forward to the launch of their new album and going on tour.

Samyo Too

For this new ensemble, Music India was all about getting know each other, both socially and musically. The week brought a host of new experiences, including watching Tarang’s performance, which has given Samyo Too something to aspire to, ideas of what they can work towards and plenty of motivation. The ensemble were able to help out with the new Samyo, especially in welcoming the new leaders and the new members. Music India has given the ensemble something to look forward, in particular a desire to work on their own music rather than just having just a fixed repertoire. They want to improvise and compose more and they are thankful to Milapfest for having given them the opportunity to start learning these skills.


Samyo were especially thankful for their time at Music India because it really gave them the chance to learn from all the amazing artists they got to see perform as part of the Indika festival, especially those artists who took on tutor roles within the school as well. The ensemble has been learning a lot of new pieces and experimenting with a lot of different styles. Music India is only the start of things – they still have a lot of hard work to come as they are looking forward to the two concerts they have coming up in the new few months.


Sabrang learnt a range of compositions and different styles during their time at Music India, including Hindustani and Carnatic. They explored different harmonies, which is something they haven’t had the chance to do as much in the past. This week provided the ensemble with a great insight into what they can do as a choir, which in turn has given them a lot more avenues to explore in the future. They developed with their voice training, which has given a good foundation to their singing and this will definitely make their singing more powerful, cleaner and bolder.  Music India gave the new orchestra a great chance to get to know each other, build bonds and become a unit. They were all able to learn a lot from each other. Besides from their music, the school has allowed them to learn skills such as communication and cooperation which will help them to develop as a choir.


We are immensely proud of our ensembles and all of the hard work they have put in. We are already looking forward to next years Music India!

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