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Posted on December 6, 2013 by admin

We’re always on the look out for more instruments we can add to the Instruments India site. So we weren’t about to let go of an opportunity to add the Mandolin, an instrument not often thought of in the Indian music context.

photo (2)

This week we had the brilliant Snehashish Mozumder with us, a musician who has pioneered the use of the Mandolin in the Hindustani style of music (as opposed to the Carnatic style where it’s normally heard). During his visit to Liverpool, Dr.Manuella Blackburn (Head of Research for Instruments India), took Snehashish into a recording booth to capture a high quality recording of him playing. Along with this we’ll be adding a sound clip of how a Mandolin sounds in an Indian music concert along with background info and other interesting facts about the instrument too.

We hope Instruments India serves an interesting and informative tool in which audiences and art enthusiasts can get a little closer to the music, further enhancing their experience of it!



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