A National Concert Series

The Music for the Mind Soul Concert Series leads our music performance work nationally. It is a concert series which began in Liverpool twenty years ago, and takes place on the last Saturday of each month. Here we present a diverse mix of artists and musical genres, from emerging maestros to seasoned musicians, in an atmosphere that is warm & friendly.
This series has now extended to Manchester & London and together between the three cities presents at least thirty concerts a year; we believe this is quality and reach is unmatched.

Music Presentation

In addition to the concert series, we also present some major stand alone musical concerts featuring big names such as Pandit Ravi Shanker, Ustad Zakir Hussain & Abida Parveen – at times in partnerships with venues and other partners.   While stars of Indian music regularly have a place in our programme, we firmly believe in offering the next generation of British and international talent a platform to perform and develop further as an artist.  Events which support this goal are ‘Sur’ and ‘The Great British Gharana’. Apart from performance opportunities, we support artists further through national tours, production of a debut CD and work towards raising their profiles across our work.

Dance Presentation

Indian Dance and it students and teachers are central to our work; indeed a lot of our work is directed to this genre of art and we have a dedicated staff member who leads on this full time. Our programme throughout the year consists of three strands:

  • performance opportunities for British dance artistes
  • performances and tours by international artists of repute
  • Commissions – national and international

In a typical year we present around 12 dance performances outside of the Indika Festival we hold in Liverpool each year. During the Indika Festival, a highlight in our annual programme, we present an additional six nights of amazing performances by the visiting faculty of the Dance India International School.   Mirroring our commitment to emerging talent in Music, we have ‘Timeless’, a showcase for talented upcoming British dancers.    Themed dance productions are also significant events in our programme with major events such as Dance Yatra (Classical dance showcase), Anand Yatra (folk dance showcase) and Nirmanika (international dance production) all offering opportunities for young talent to take to the stage.