Milap (mil·ap)


1. To join together in friendship

Milapfest’s aim is to create a more tolerant and harmonious society by bringing people together through unique arts experiences. Our performance, education and artist development programmes enhance cultural understanding and a sense of well-being within communities.

Beginning as a festival, Milapfest has grown into a national charity. We rely on funding and volunteers to:

  • Engage wide groups of people in new cultural experiences
  • Enhance health and well-being through meaningful cultural activity
  • Support young people learning Indian music and dance
  • Provide career development opportunities and a stage for emerging artists

Our work makes a difference to people’s lives and with your help there is so much more we can do. Whether you can offer time or money, Milapfest needs your support to continue our valuable work.

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Milapfest (Milap Festival Trust) is a registered charity (no.1024761).