Sannidhi Dialogues: Dr Anita Ratnam

08 Mar 2017 | 2pm until 3pm

The Cornerstone Building, Liverpool

Sannidhi Dialogues: Dr Anita Ratnam

When the Body Has Eyes: Ways of Seeing the Dancing Body

Free Admission

The first lecture in the 2017 Sannidhi Dialogues series will be given by Dr. Anita R Ratnam.  Anita, based in Chennai (Madras) , India, is highly respected as a performer, writer, speaker and arts entrepreneur and culture mentor.  She has been described as an “intersectionist”, whose work weaves the many disciplines of dance, theatre, spoken word, ritual, archaeology, dramaturgy and women’s issues.  She is  a fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a voting member of the Dance Critics Association, USA. She is a visiting professor in several international universities in the USA like University of California, Irvine and Riverside,  Wesleyan University, George Washington University and Rice University.

Anita is the first winner of Milapfest’s International Arts Award (the Vishwa Kala Ratna award) established in 2017. This Award is a recognition and celebration of Dr Ratnam’s life-long devotion and contribution to Indian Arts & Culture internationally and her pioneering work on,  a unique, cutting edge, and dynamic digital meeting and thinking place for Indian Dance aficionados globally.

In this lecture, entitled ‘When the Body Has Eyes’, Anita will be discussing ways of viewing the body as it moves in dance. 



Part of the Liverpool Hope University Cornerstone Arts Festival  

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Grace Room (COR114), The Cornerstone Building, Hope University Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool, L6 1HP


0151 291 3949


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