Indika- Sanjukta Sinha & Dakshina Vaidyanathan

30 Jul 2015 | 7:30pm until 9:30pm

This event features a double bill performance of Indian classical music and dance

FIRST HALF – Aamad – Contemporary Kathak expressions

Sanjukta Sinha   Kathak

For the first time outside of India, Sanjukta presents excerpts from her latest her latest production exploring various journeys in love, Angika, Aamad weaves the story of mystical love; the search for the one who will complete you. Using intricate footwork and intensely rhythmic patterns, Sanjukta brings to life the surging, soaring expectancy one feels when on the threshold of something new. One of India’s leading Kathak artists of her generation, Sanjukta Sinha is known for her technical expertise and immense artistry. The Kathak form is beautifully represented through Sanjukta’s clean bodylines, subtle expresstion, robust footwork and choreographic finesse.

SECOND HALF – Dance of Nature

Dakshina Vaidyanathan

Rama Vaidyanathan   Nattuvangam
Sudha Raghuraman   Vocal
Arun Kumar   Mridangam
G Raghuraman   Flute


Dakshina Vaidyanathan

Dakshina Vaidyanathan

Dance is one of the most natural instincts of human beings. It is inspired by the rhythm of earth’s rotation and revolution, by the melody of chirping birds and by the sound of gushing water. Each movement can be identified with various elements of our natural surroundings. This specially choreographed production uses the ancient art form of Bharatanatyam to explore the connections between dance and nature. It stretches the boundaries of this classical dance form to depict, understand and realize the importance of nature. This evening marks Dakshina’s premiere performance in Britain.



The Capstone Theatre


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