SOLD OUT Indika: Pandit Rajendra Gangani & Sujata Mohapatra

28 Jul 2017 | 7:30pm until 9:30pm

The Capstone Theatre, Liverpool

I 2017

This performance is now SOLD OUT. No further tickets will be available on the door. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

In an extraordinary double-feature, Pandit Rajendra Gangani, world-renowned Kathak maestro, will perform a special display with live music, before conceding the stage to Sujata Mohapatra, arguably one of the finest Odissi dancers of recent times.

Part One – Pt. Rajendra Gangani

Pandit Rajendra Gangani has been mesmerizing audiences for decades with his skill and grace as a performer. He has enriched himself with the essence of this style of dance together with integrating the purity of tradition with the creativeness of a contemporary approach.

In this special performance, Pt. Rajendra Gangani will be performing alongside an ensemble of talented LIVE musicians – Kaviraj Singh Shadyalla on Santoor and Vocals and Kousic Sen on Tabla.

Part Two – Sujata Mohapatra

Sujata Mohapatra dancing has an arresting and a striking sculpturesque quality that is most dynamic. Among the present generation she has established herself as a dancer of repute, having achieved the techniques and subtleties of the Odissi form. Her grace, perfection and spellbinding charm has won her accolades worldwide.


Pt. Rajendra Gangani (Kathak Dance)

Sujata Mohapatra (Odissi Dance)

Kaviraj Singh Shadyalla (Santoor and Vocals)

Kousic Sen (Tabla)

Please note, smoke and haze may be used during this performance.

Box office information


The Capstone Theatre, Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool, L6 1HP


0151 291 3949


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