Music for the Mind and Soul Featuring Hindustani Vocal & Kathak

30 Jun 2012 | 13:00

The Capstone Theatre

FREE Admission

A special double bill performance featuring Hindustani vocal music and Kathak dance. Known for her soulful and evocative style, Chandrima Misra will sing a beautiful selection of popular Hindustani ragas. She’ll be accompanied by the talented Vishwa Prakash on the harmonium and highly acclaimed tabla artist and teacher Rajkumar Misra. The Hindustani vocal performance will be followed with a stunning presentation of Kathak by Saberi Misra. Saberi is an exceptionally talented dancer, representing the next generation of young artists flying the flag of Indian arts in the UK. She will dance to live music performed by Vishwa Prakash and Rajkumar Misra.

Rajkumar Misra

Saberi Mishra

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