10 Nov 2016 | 7:30pm

The Bhavan, London

Unravel the wonders of Buddhist Monuments
Featuring Apsaras Arts, Singapore

“Añjasa” (pronounced as “Anyasa”) means “the path” in Pali, the classical language of Buddhism. Añjasa explores the beauty of Buddhist temple architectures. The audience will journey through monuments including Mahadevi Temple in Nepal, Buddha Gaya Maha Bodhi Temple and Sanchi Stupa in India, Vattadage in Sri Lanka, The Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar, Bayon in Cambodia, Borobudur in Indonesia and Wat Pho in Thailand. This thematic dance presentation will also speak about the Buddhist emperors, Asoka and Jayavarman VII who were iconic in the spread of Buddhism across Asia. Experience the wonders of Buddhist monuments as it unravels through the expressions and movements of classical dance style, Bharatanatyam.  Following on from their hit production ‘Nirmanika’, Milapfest’s partner dance company Apsaras Arts again explores the beauty of architecture in their latest popular dance production, featuring an ensemble of Singapore’s finest dancers, stunning costumes and soul-stirring music.

Thursday November 10th 2016 | 7:30pm
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, London
£12 Front Stalls, £10 Back Stalls, £8 Balcony
Box office info:   www.bhavan.net

Tickets available here.

For the Liverpool performance, see here.

Box office information


Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 4A Castletown Road, London, W14 9HE | www.bhavan.net


020 7381 3086 / 4608



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