ABHISAAR feat. Nirupama & Rajendra

12 May 2017 | 7:30pm until 9pm

The Capstone Theatre, Liverpool
ABHISAAR tells the story of “Pursuit ” in Nature, Culture and Emotions. The theme derives its inspiration from the concept of Abhisaara from Indian literature. Philosophically, it is the search within oneself for realising the Eternal Beauty. It blends classical Kathak with the special movement vocabulary from the Natyashastra re-energised with contemporary sensibilities. Abhisaar is performed as duets to original musical scores created specially for the production by great maestros of music in multiple genres. Here, technique meets precision, emotion meets expression and Art connects to the hearts!

A stunning new dance production featuring Nirupama and Rajendra, Artistic Director’s of Bangalore’s Abhinava Dance Company. With dynamic musical collaborations with some of the best maestros in Indian music, this show is an amazing amalgamation of music and dance which creates a truly unique, progressive piece of art.

‘Abhisaar’ is that beautiful journey that one sets out on in pursuit of something more, transcending the world around them. Abhisaar is the one who moves ahead in pursuit of a goal. Just as rivers flow to the ocean and as maestros compose music that moves them towards enlightenment, this production depicts a series of beautiful journeys including that of two heroines from India’s classic historical tales, Radha and Vasanthasena, and that of Gandhi in his famous Salt Sathyagraha (Salt March).

Everything, everybody is in search of a something beautiful; something to complete the self. Abhisaar combines popular Indian dance form Kathak with the most beautiful musical soundtrack which is sure to produce a meditative yet enthralling thematic masterpiece.

Choreography – Nirupama-Rajendra, Kumudini Lakhia
Dancers – Nirupama & Rajendra 
Music – Praveen D Rao, Pravin Ghodkindi, Jayanthi Kumaresh, Mysore Manjunath
Duration – 90 mins
Presentation – Abhinava Dance Company, Bangalore.


Nirupama and Rajendra, a dynamic and spellbinding dance couple from Bangalore-India have over the years created a wave of excitement on the Indian dance scene. With their own worldwide successful dance company ‘Abhinava ‘ the duo have been credited with injecting a great deal of innovation, creativity, enthusiasm and imagination to classical dance. They are well versed in Kathak, Bharathanatyam, and also the pan asian Margi technique based on the Natyashastra.They have excelled in performing solo,duets and group thematic productions for over 25 years. They are artistic & founder directors of Abhinava Dance Company Bangalore.

“Nirupama & Rajendra have a very infectious passion for art”  A. R. Rahman (Oscar winning Composer)

Abhinava Dance Company (ADC) is one of the premier Indian dance companies based in Bangalore.The Company celebrated a glorious journey of 20 years & in the last two decades Abhinava Dance Company’s  efforts to transport the spectra of Indian dance forms to people of diverse cultures, with the grandeur and splendour ,has attracted admiration from over 5 million people across the world.


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The Capstone Theatre, Liverpool Hope University, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool, L6 1HP


0151 291 3949



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