Faculty for 2017

Top line, L-R: Rama Vaidyanathan, Bragha Bessell, Pt. Rajendra Gangani.
Bottom line, L-R: Vaishali Trivedi, Sujata Mohapatra, Dakshina Vaidyanathan



Tutor Structure

Dance India Europe (Liverpool):

Beginners – Dakshina Vaidyanathan
Intermediate & Advanced:  Rama Vaidyanathan & Bragha Bessell (students will swap between Rama Vaidyanathan & Bragha Bessell, spending an equal amount of time with both)

Intermediate:  Vaishali Trivedi
Advanced: Pandit Rajendra Gangani

Advanced:  Sujata Mohapatra


Dance India Asia Pacific (Singapore):

Bragha Bessell & Rama Vaidyanathan

Vaishali Trivedi

Ratikant Mohapatra


Tutor Profiles


Rama Vaidyanathan 1Rama Vaidyanathan
(Intermediate & Advanced)

Rama Vaidyanathan is undoubtedly one of the most sought after artistes of her generation having carved a name for herself in the Bharatanatyam world. She has trained intensively under the legendary dancer Yamini Krishnamurthy and the renowned Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan.  While deeply routed in tradition, Rama has evolved her own individual style while bringing a rare sense of devotion and dedication, which leaves the audience with a sense of spiritual fulfilment.

Bragha Bessell 1Bragha Bessell
(Intermediate & Advanced)

Bragha Bessell is a senior student of Adyar K Lakshman and Kalanidhi Narayanan and is renowned for her abhinaya expertise. She is the quintessential Bharata Natyam dancer, totally immersed in the art of learning and in the emotional aspects of the music she portrays. Her classes in Abhinaya, interpretation and choreography are eagerly attended by senior dancers, teachers and students. With many awards to her credit, she has given numerous performances all over the world.

DakshinaDakshina Vaidyanathan

Dakshina is arguably one of India’s leading young artists, paving the way for artists who experiment within tradition. She is a young and talented dancer who comes from a family of eminent Bharatanatyam dancers. Dakshina teaches Bharatanatyam and has choreographed several dance productions at Ganesa Natyalaya. She has conceived and directed numerous group as well as solo productions. Dakshina has a style that amalgamates the delicacies of Bharatanatyam with the Intricacies of modern day issues. She believes in the power of dance for spreading awareness towards social issues.


_NI_3668Pandit Rajendra Gangani
(Advanced, UK)

Pandit Rajendra Gangani is a disciple of Pt. Kundanlal Gangani and started trainging in Kathak dance at the young age of 4. The renowned Jaipur ‘Gharana’ saw the emergence of an outstanding performer and crusader of the art in the talented scion of a family of hereditary dancers serving the art of Kathak for centuries together. Pt. Rajendra has easily absorbed the most complicated and difficult ‘Bols’ of Kathak, today, mesmerising audiences under the spell of his art for hours together. He has enriched himself with the essence of this style of dance together with integrating the purity of tradition with the creativeness of a contemporary approach.

VTVaishali Trivedi

Vaishali Trivedi has been taught in the art of Kathak for 12 years by Padmashi Smt. Kumuudini Lakhia, one of the pioneers of introducing contemporary directions to Kathak and India’s most acclaimed choreographer. Vaishali has emerged as a Kathak dancer with a distinct style. She has been invited to give solo and group performances in many prestigious dance events in India and several other countries. She also gives lec-dems and conducts workshops in Kathal and is well regarded as a teacher in her art form.


Sujata Purple 7Sujata Mohapatra
(Advanced Odissi)

Sujata Mohapatra is arguably one of the finest Odissi dancers of recent times. Her Guru, Kelucharan Mohapatra was a legend in the world of Indian dance, and Sujata embodies  all the very best traits of his style – grace, beauty, passion, energy and striking stage presence. Her dance has an arresting and a striking sculpturesque quality that is most dynamic. Among the present generation she has established herself as a dancer and teacher of repute, having achieved the techniques and subtleties of the Odissi form. Her grace, perfection and spellbinding charm has won her accolades worldwide.