What the students say

Year of 2014

“Congratulations on a successful Dance-India and Music-India! It was an exceptional experience – each year you guys seem to top your performance from the previous year. I’m so glad for the hard work you guys do to bring together so many eminent artists and organise this wonderful summer school for us”.

“The legends we got to meet such as Pandit Birju Maharaj, The Dhananjayans, Alarmel Valli and the wealth of knowledge and experience they have collectively has been mind blowing. Well done Milap for getting them together”.

“Dance India enhanced my knowledge, technique and approach to abhinaya, but most of all rekindled my passion and desire to improve constantly and aim for perfection”.

“Indescribable. It has strengthened my body, thoughts, love for spirituality and divinity, creativity, I could go on forever”.

“Dance India is like a creative bubble with complete immersion into dance and music for a few days”.

“As a teacher of a budding dance school, I have so much to bring back to my students. This one week has improved me as a dancer”.

“The daily regular training was superb, the whole environment and listening to all these fabulous artists here make it an unforgettable experience!”

“Thank you very, very much for organising this wonderful week – I will surely be here again next year! I can’t wait!”

Year of 2011

“Every aspect was arranged at the best level possible. This is what I keep saying here in Italy whenever I talk about the Milap Summer School. I have particularly enjoyed the lectures because the artistes, some of them especially, were free and willing to give us all of their experience, that is more than any other encouragement or first prize that you can win! It really helps you, you think it over when you are back home and you can give more to your art. But I do not want to forget the performances – two styles per night! They were like pearl shining beautifully at the end of an exciting but also trying day, giving comfort to our souls”.

“It was very challenging to have a full week intense dance course. The fact that such prestigious teachers were there was very motivational and an experience that I won’t forget. And interacting with like-minded people from all over the world was very interesting!”

“The teachers their teaching the knowledge, experience, and that there is so much knowledge amongst everyone. A sanctuary of arts”.

“To be so close the Gurus, to get that hard training and the feeling of almost being in India again”.

“I like idea of Dance India getting all the brilliant teachers, artist and passionate students together. Beautiful Campus”.

“I like the teaching and performances at Dance India. I think just being in an environment of dance being the main focus”.

Year of 2010

“Dance India! A place where Love, Motivation & Inspiration reside… if only it was held all year along!”

“Inspiring week indeed, and it is really sad that it is coming to an end….so fast!  Leela akka’s class has been an experience by itself! From knowledge about technique, to body, to just relating things to simple things of life! Loved it completely! Many thanks to Akka!”

“I gained a tremendous amount this week. Not only in terms of physical dance but also in terms of emotional experiences. I feel truly blessed to hear about such inspirational experiences form Leela Akka!”

“Dear Dance India: We have had an amazing experience! We have had an awesome time! (N & S-South Africa)

“Dear Dance India – Thank you for another amazing year! We had a great time and we will see you soon!” 

“Thank you Dance India – the experience has been transforming!””Dance India has inspired me and made me realise that the possibilities are endless!”

“This experience has allowed me to meet and talk with dancers from around the world and professionals who keep Dance as their passion. I have made many friends; Leela Akka has been encouraging and inspiring in her words and dance; I hope to continue my dance journey with the memories of this beautiful experience!”

“Thank you Dance India!!! for giving me this opportunity and I am looking forward for all the new things we will be doing next year!”

“Thank you so much Milapfest Organisation. I will use new information that I got in this week many times; Special thanks for long warm up in the mornings! Leela Samson’s touch on how to teach dancers is incredible!”

“This week at Dance India, studying with Leela Akka has been exactly what I needed. As a full time teacher and dancer in NY I often wonder what is the next step!”


Year of 2009

“It was a very well organised summer school. The Gurus were very friendly and approachable. The dance lessons were brilliant and the Gurus were very inspirational. I loved the interactive sessions and the evening performances”.

“I really appreciated the direct contact with the teachers and enjoyed the evening shows and their diversity”. 

“Performances, discussions were all very inspiring. I liked the morning warm up exercises. Programme generally started on time despite the large number of participants. I was touched by the fact that the organisation is so passionate about Indian dance and has brought such talents to aspiring dancers.”

“Dance India was very exciting and enjoyable programme. It was an honour to learn from such legendary Gurus. I loved the performances every evening”. 

“We had fantastic teachers and I enjoyed the interaction with all of them. I really enjoyed the in-conversation sessions and evening performances. It was great to meet dance students from other countries. It was a great learning experience overall!” 

Dance India was very exciting, challenging and very intense programme. I enjoyed learning from great Gurus and meeting other dance students”.


Year of 2008

“Performances were amazing. A real privilege to listen, watch, to talk to the tutors. I liked having a dedicated warm up/yoga each day. I liked that were less gaps in the day – it felt that the timetable was much more structured and less time wasted. The resource centre was new to me and i thought it was really useful. I liked the whole experience. Everybody is so open and friendly. It was great fun, we learnt a lot, but still had a lovely time”.

“It’s such a holistic experience – it’s not just about dance and that’s what impresses me most about the summer school”.

“I enjoyed learning from such a legendary teachers and working alongside fellow student. I really enjoyed morning yoga and how intense the week was”.

“I loved all classes, all the interactive sessions, most of the evening performances and especially in-conversation with teachers. Overall schedule for the day was good!”

“The atmosphere and environment of being able to dance, think about dance and learn so much about the many aspects of life, that it influences 24/7. Being surrounded by so many like minded passionate people has been truly satisfying and such a fulfilling learning experience. The teachers & musicians! Truly wonderful, amazing, inspiring human beings”.

“This is my first time ever to attend a dance summer school and I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. The friendly organisers, the interactive sessions, the warm-up sessions, the knowledge gained from the Gurus through their teaching and the cultural ethos in the whole area were good. The whole programme is carefully designed which makes me want to come next time too”. 

“I enjoyed all aspects of Dance India, there was nothing I didn’t enjoy. I especially enjoyed the yoga in the morning as it made me feel good for the rest of the day”.