Term Info: Dance

Summer Term: May 14th 2020 – 18th July 2020

*9th May – 16th May Informal Trial Sessions (Contact your tutor by email if you’d like to take part)

  1. 14th / 16th May
  2. 21st / 23rd May
  3. 28th / 30th May
  4. 4th / 6th June
  5. 11th / 13th June
  6. 18th / 20th June
  7. 25th / 27th June
  8. 2nd / 4th July
  9. 9th / 11th July
  10. 16th / 18th July


Changes / Updates to timetable

Published timetables are subject to change due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances (e.g teacher absence due to illness). Registered students should check their email regularly for timetable and schedule updates. We make every effort to inform students of changes as soon and as clearly as possible.  

For more information about course and tutors, and fees and registration please visit the linked web pages. Alternatively  please get in touch with us at artsschool@milap.co.uk