Samyo10 post concert celebrations at Southbank Centre

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Samyo membership is open to students trained in Indian Classical music between the ages of 12 and 18, permanently resident in the UK whilst Samyo Too membership is open to musicians between the ages of 18 and 25. Sabrang is open to vocalists between the ages of 14 and 25. Ensemble members are selected on the basis of talent and potential.

Samyo Auditions 2017: 

Download the SAMYO & SABRANG Audition Flyer

SAMYO and the SABRANG choir are open for auditions this Spring.

Next Audition Dates:
London – 11-12 April
Liverpool – 29 April

Check out this video: What Makes Samyo Special?

How do I apply ?

1. Read the Membership Benefits page and watch the Samyo videos on this website
2. Read Application Guidelines:


3. Fill in the online application:


4. Wait to find out if you’ve been invited to audition!

Please contact us if you need the form in paper or email format.

Who should apply?

  • Musicians between the ages of 12 and 25 (Samyo 12-18, Samyo Too 18-25), or vocalists aged between 14 and 25
  • Resident in the UK
  • Musicians trained in the Carnatic or Hindustani musical traditions

If you are a Carnatic musician, you normally should have achieved, or be close to achieving your Arangetram. Hindustani musicians should roughly be at the equivalent of Grade 5 in Sangeet examinations. These are guidelines only, however, and musicians developing an equivalent level of experience through performances or other achievements will also be eligible.

The SABRANG National Choir 

The new National Choir for Indian Music  has its own repertoire, performances and training programme. Read more about the choir here

Your commitment to us

  • 12 month commitment for all training sessions, rehearsals and concerts.
  • Attendance at the Music India International Summer School a week longresidential musical course.
  • Attendance during all workshops and rehearsal sessions.
  • Annual membership review

Samyo/Sabrang membership

Membership of Samyo/Sabrang gives you a host of other benefits, including the opportunity to attend other concerts of interest and a place at the Music India Summer School.

Notes for guidance

  • Your application form determines whether you are invited to auditions. Samyo membership is awarded by audition.
  • You will be assessed on potential and not just on current achievements.
  • Applications should be supported by your music teacher or tutor, so we require their signature  or email too.
  • With your application, please also enclose an audio sample of between 6 or 8 minutes in length, on any format, by email or post. Find out about what to expect at Audition here.

Questions? Telephone us on 0151 291 3949 or email us at